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Finding objects to observe in the night sky

I spent a lot of time learning how to find things in the night sky, and I was often frustrated doing so. It took a lot of patience and perserverance to locate objects. And I am often asked at astronomy outreach events or star parties, "How did you know where to find that?" 

I want to help YOU find those objects more easily than I did.


Telescopes On The Sky (TOTS)

I am currently compiling a list called "Telescopes On The Sky" that will be 40 of the VERY BEST objects in the night sky to see and observe with most any telescope, from most anywhere. This will be what I am working on for the remainder of 2020, and I hope to have (most of!) it done by the end of the year. Click here for what is available of the Telescopes On The Sky Catalog list now. 


Binoculars On The Sky (BOTS)

On top of that, not only are binoculars an indispensable tool for amateur astronomers to aid with a telescope, but some objects in the night sky are best viewed through binoculars. So I have created a list of "Binoculars On The Sky" to highlight the best of those sky-sights too. While the list is "done" the pages for every object are a project for 2021. HOWEVER - you can start finding and observing some of them now, because I have already made a number of videos in the past showing how to find and observer them. The Binoculars On The Sky Catalog list is here