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Astrophotography for beginners

I used to drool at the photos astrophotographers took with hypered-film in the 1990's, with telescopes more expensive than my car cost at the time. I attempted some film photography with a single-lens reflext 35mm film camera, both wide-field and through an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. This was one I took of the absolutely amazing Hale-Bopp back in 1996 on 35mm film through that SLR:

Hale Bopp 1997 16x9

Wow. Not so good. And grainy! That was not easy back then. 

Here's one I got of Comet NEOWISE C2020 F3 in July of 2020 with a DSLR and better software processing techniques. Oh wait - we didn't have software processing back in the 1990's!

Comet Neowise C2020 F3 20200717 30sec3200iso420mmfl

Things are so much better now. I will try help you learn various techniques to take better astrophotos through various, low-cost/affordable set ups. 

Cell phone astrophotography 

Wide field astrophotography 

DSLR astrophotography (with lenses)

DSLR astrophotography (with telescopes)

Affordable planetary astrophotography

Affordable deep sky astrophotography

NOTE: I hope to work on some of these starting in early 2021. Have a specific one or two you'd like to see done first? Contact me and let me know!