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Contact Eyes on the Sky

David Fuller, the creator and host of Eyes on the Sky, maintains a healthy presence in the following places online:


The most likely place to interact is here. I make a new video on how to find something in the sky naked eye / with binoculars and/or with a telescope about every week or two, and I try to respond to / love most comments when possible. Most of them are geared towards objects visible even though light pollution (except the very brightest downtown city areas). Eyes on the Sky YouTube channel. 

Twitter @astronomydave

This is one of the faster ways to reach me, typically, other than comments on YouTube. Tweeting with other astronomy/space folks, relaying space other space news via retweets, and updating occasional sky phenomena - handle @astronomydave


Seems like everyone is on Facebook! Or most everyone - you can contact me there, though Facebook doesn't do a great job of informing me when you've sent me a message. But I do respond! And you can get regular updates on Eyes on the Sky videos and other happenings, as well as share photos you may have take of the night sky. Here's the link to find me there: Eyes on the Sky on Facebook


Of course, Dave can be reached by email too.  Use the prefix "dave" followed by the @ symbol, and then eyesonthesky.com (helps avoid spammers that way).  I answer questions about the site, telescopes, sky phenomena, and whatever else is on your mind. I always do my best to respond to as many emails as his time allows!