First Light Guides: The list

The list of the entire the First Light Guides, in order of Right Ascension. Despite many stars bearing traditional names that are well known to amateur astronomers (such as Albireo), the Bayer designation with lowercase Greek letter and genitive form of the constellation (or abbreviation) is given for all but a few star. Also, Messier objects are listed only with their Messier designation, even though all also have an NGC designation. Some other popular/well-known designations have been included for clarity of identification.

Object designation Type of Object               

  1. Messier 31 Galaxy, Spiral
  2. Messier 32 Galaxy, Dwarf Elliptical
  3. NGC225 Cluster, Open
  4. Eta Cassiopeiae Star, Double 
  5. NGC457 Cluster, Open
  6. NGC637 Cluster, Open
  7. NGC663 Cluster, Open
  8. 56 Andromedae Star, Double
  9. Lambda Arietis Star, Double
  10. NGC869  Cluster,Open
  11. NGC884 Cluster, Open
  12. Gamma Andromedae (Almaak) Star, Double
  13. 30 Arietis Star, Double
  14. Beta Persei (Algol) Star, Eclipsing Variable
  15. Messier 34 Cluster, Open
  16. Tau Tauri Star, Double
  17. Messier 38 Cluster, Open
  18. Delta Orionis (Mintaka) Star, Double
  19. Messier 42 Nebula, Diffuse
  20. NGC1981 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  21. Messier 36 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  22. Sigma Orionis N/A yet Star, Multiple 
  23. Gamma Leporis N/A yet Star, Double
  24. Messier 37 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  25. Struve 747 N/A yet Star, Double 
  26. NGC2169 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  27. Messier 35 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  28. Messier 41 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  29. NGC2362 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  30. 145 Canis Majoris N/A yet Star, Double
  31. Messier 81 N/A yet Galaxy, Spiral
  32. Messier 82 N/A yet Galaxy, Edge-on
  33. Gamma Leonis N/A yet Star, Double
  34. Cor Caroli  N/A yet Star, Double
  35. Mizar-Alcor N/A yet Star, Double 
  36. Iota Bootis  N/A yet Star, Double
  37. Gliese 1195 N/A yet Star (special)
  38. Nu Scorpii N/A yet Star, Multiple 
  39. Messier 4 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  40. Messier 13 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  41. NGC6281 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  42. Messier 92 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  43. Nu Draconis N/A yet Star, Double
  44. Messier 6 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  45. Psi Draconis N/A yet Star, Double
  46. IC4665 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  47. Messier 7 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  48. Barnard's Star N/A yet Star (special)
  49. NGC6543 N/A yet Nebula, Planetary
  50. NGC6530 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  51. NGC6572 N/A yet Nebula, Planetary
  52. Messier 17 N/A yet Nebula, Diffuse (with cluster)
  53. Messier 28 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  54. Messier 22 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  55. Epsilon Lyrae   N/A yet Star, Double
  56. Zeta Lyrae N/A yet Star, Double
  57. Delta Lyrae N/A yet Star, Double
  58. Messier 11 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  59. Messier 57 N/A yet Nebula, Planetary
  60. NGC6712 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  61. Beta Cygni (Albireo) N/A yet Star, Double
  62. Messier 27 N/A yet Nebula, Planetary
  63. Omicron Cygni N/A yet Star, Double
  64. 61 Cygni N/A yet Star, Double
  65. Beta Cephei (Alfirk) N/A yet Star, Double
  66. Messier 15 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  67. Messier 2 N/A yet Cluster, Globular
  68. Mu Cephei N/A yet Star (special)
  69. NGC7160 N/A yet Cluster, Open
  70. Delta Cephei N/A yet Star, Variable (Cepheid-type variable)
  71. 51 Pegasi N/A yet Star (special)