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Tripods: Do-it-yourself

DIY Astronomy Tripods

Over the years of observing and owning telescopes I have designed and built several different tripods to use with various mounts and telescopes.  I will update this section with pictures and details about these over time.  For now, here are a few pictures of some tripods I have built - not terribly pretty, but I largely think stability and low vibration (function) over form.

The Super Simple Tripod 1x3 (for lightweight scopes)

The Super Simple Tripod 2x4 (for tabletop scopes & larger mounts)


The "Fold-A-Pier" (folding legs / pier tripod)

Below, you will see some other tripods I have built for past telescope projects - maybe they will help inspire you to build something for a homebuilt tripod solution to make your telescope more steady and have less vibration.

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